Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are pleased to invite you to attend the 30th Conference of the International Society for Chronobiology, which will be held in Warsaw, Poland from 2 to 5 July 2019.

International Society for Chronobiology (ISC) is an international organization that aims to promote research on chronobiology and biological rhythms in all organisms and using a variety of approaches. ISC connects clinicians and researchers across different fields including biology, medicine, biotechnology and health sciences, psychology, pharmacology, educational and social sciences, as well as agricultural sciences.

The 30th ISC Conference is organized at the University of Warsaw, which is the largest university in Poland with over 48 000 students and more than 7000 employees. University of Warsaw is also the top university in Poland and belongs to the top 3% of universities in the world. It is situated next to the UNESCO protected Warsaw Old Town, among historical buildings, in a walking distance from the Royal Palace and Vistula river.

Warsaw, the capital of Poland and a rapidly-developing city at the center of Europe, has a vibrant cultural scene and with more than 70 museums and numerous performances and concerts every day it has all a big city can offer.

Conference participants will have the opportunity for scientific exchange during symposia, and thematic and poster sessions covering all areas of chronobiology including:

  • Human, animal, insect, and plant timekeeping
  •  Circadian, seasonal, and lunar rhythms
  • Sleep and wakefulness in norm and pathology
  • Chronotypes and individual differences in rhythms
  • Genetic and molecular mechanisms of rhythms and cellular clocks
  • Shift work and jet lag
  • Circadian rhythm disorders and chronodistruption
  • Chronotherapy of somatic and psychiatric disorders
  • Melatonin and pineal gland
  • Light and entrainment
  • Role of rhythms in health and psychiatric/somatic diseases
  • Rhythms in behaviour and performance

We hope that you enjoy the conference and we are looking forward to welcoming you to Warsaw!

Ramón C. Hermida
ISC President
Konrad S. Jankowski
Conference Chair